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Etica applicata
alla cura del pianeta

We think that cosmetics is not only aesthetic.
But also ethics applied to the care of the planet and its inhabitants

From the fruits of Gaia, our Mother Earth, born this cosmetic line dedicated to babies and children. Chamomile, Olive, Almond are our main suppliers, elements that help us, with their softening, soothing, antioxidant properties to nourish our children’s skin in a healthy way. Our values are the care for health, well-being and the environment that we translate into products made only with renewable and organic vegetable raw materials, and the use of fully recyclable packaging. Our cosmetics are multifunctional, multi-active, concentrated, therefore sincere cosmetics, because for us cosmetics is not only aesthetic, but also ethical applied to the care of the planet and its inhabitants.

A constant commitment to improve our lives and our Planet

The "passive resistance" of which Gandhi spoke starts from everyday choices in the perspective of greater respect for the environment and living beings. From this principle comes Cosm-Etica, composed of a team of professionals for whom the real innovation is to offer natural cosmetics of excellence, with a production cycle and ethical distribution and in balance with the ecosystem in which we live. Sobriety and transparency are two other key words of our productions. Eliminate the superfluous but offer only what is useful, few products but multifunctional, multi-active, concentrated. This means reducing the number of cosmetics to be used, reducing consumption, reducing costs for the consumer, reducing the consumption of resources, pollution and waste. We hope that our formulas rich in ingredients of natural origin, experience, transparency and a lot of passion, can make you feel good.

All our cosmetic products are characterized by: Green chemical and green phylosophy. They consist mainly of ingredients of natural origin: vegetable, marine, mineral. Eco-friendly raw materials have been selected, that is for their production have not been felled forests or exploited plant species at risk of extinction. Wherever possible, raw materials from organic farming and/or close to the production laboratory have been used to reduce CO2 emissions from transport. They do not contain petrolatum, SLS, formaldehyde cessories, parabens, dyes, allergens, raw materials of animal origin.